I am confident that your new, bespoke CV will secure you appropriate interviews, and testimonials from my previous clients testify to this. If you have chosen me to write your CV, the consultation process will have already drilled down to specific examples to support the statements included in your CV. If you’d like that extra bit of interview support and coaching, there is no obligation for you to have purchased a CV.

You can underperform at an interview for a whole variety of reasons, including nerves, being out of practice, not understanding current selection and interview methods, or having a particularly sensitive issue that you are not sure how to respond to if asked.

If you would like a little extra support to secure the job of your dreams, I provide one to one interview coaching. Just like my CVs, this will be entirely customised to your needs.

During the coaching session, I’ll also provide you with an insight into what’s happening on the other side of the desk, to help you understand what the recruiter is trying to get out of the interview. Most people find understanding the motivation and pressures on the interviewer helps them to approach the interview as a discussion rather than a grilling, resulting in a more positive outcome for both parties.

Before any coaching session, I will contact you to find out exactly what you want to achieve.

I provide coaching on general interview skills as well as more tailored coaching to your specific area of concern.

Interview Coaching £50.00
(per 30 minutes)